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Best Elevator Guide

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Best Elevator Guide

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What is an Elevator?

An elevator is a cabin that is used for lifting or lowering both people and goods to upper and lower floors. In the past, it was not required for buildings to have elevators. As a result, some real estate investors avoided installing elevators because the costs were expensive for both installation and maintenance.

Why buy an Elevator?

There are several reasons you would want an elevator. To start with, elevators come in handy for those who have difficulty in mobility when they want to move to another floor within the property These can be personal reasons such as ability for people with difficulty using stairs or for commercial reasons; as to increase the value of your property.

Best Elevator Guide Depends on:

  • Elevator size and Capacity

Determine the appropriate size in your premises that allows you to install an elevator shaft which will host the elevator. The Elevator cabin size & Door Size will be determined on what shaft size is available. Several factors will want you to pick on a size. For example, if you have a huge family, you may consider larger elevator with a Door size that allows wheelchair access. Many people make this common mistake of making a door width too small to allow wheelchairs to access for people of determination.  Once the above is determined you may then decide on the maximum capacity required for the elevator; which will be extracted from the maximum shaft size. A large cabin size with a small capacity is not safe and will not pass the international EN81 Elevator Code.

  • Compliance with standards

Lift Mart will guarantee thatelevator you choose complies with the international EN81 Code. The UAE Authorities follows the EN81 Code. This will help in maintaining the durability of the elevator and make sure it complies; as the standards require.

  • Design and functionality

Elevators must not only focus on functionality but also must be pleasing to the eye. Especially if the elevator is being installed as a décor item in your premises.  We customize elevators to suit the client requirements and makethe elevator even more appealing, you can opt for a variety of accessories and features to suit your preference including finishing material such as Wood, Marble, Stainless Steel & Glass.

  • Maintenance and operation cost

Lift Mart offers competitive annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for Elevators. A monthly preventive maintenance visit by our technician to inspect the elevator with our detailed comprehensive check-list. Additionally, our elevators are eco-friendly and have low power consumption which will save utility bills during operation year-round.


Best Elevator Guide : Lift Mart Elevators &Escalators: Elevator Company in Dubai, UAE

As a reputable company, we are guaranteed to assist you down the line for all your spare parts requirements for the elevators. Spare Parts availability is an important decision for aftersales when choosing the correct Elevator Vendor. Choosing a non-reputable company with only a few years in the market; is very risky due to uncertainty the company may not be operational and hence no more spare parts availability.


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