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Spanning 6 decades, Lift Mart is an international powerhouse in elevators and escalators.

Founded in 1958 in Dubai, UAE, our business has left an indelible mark across the globe, redefining vertical transportation with innovation and quality.

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Our Services

Our services are driven by expertise, innovation, and dedication, ensuring your vertical transportation needs are met seamlessly.


Lift Mart prioritizes high-quality materials and precise design and manufacturing, offering 2500+ material choices for personalized elevators that suit diverse preferences.
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We prioritize installation quality and harbor well-trained engineers who deliver custom results with fast-track execution. Our extensive expertise ensures smooth project execution while monitoring through extensive quality control measures.
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With state-of-the-art manufacturing, we ensure timely production and offer diverse freight solutions globally through 200+ experts for on-time and complete deliveries worldwide.
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Ensuring elevator longevity relies on regular, concise maintenance. Clean upkeep correlates with fewer breakdowns, longer lifespan, and smoother operation. We prioritize customer confidence, providing well-trained technicians for prompt support in emergencies
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Lift Mart specializes in modernizing outdated elevators without hassle. Choose from aesthetic upgrades or advanced technology improvements to transform your elevator, all handled expertly by us.
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For elevator repairs, trust our experienced technicians with complete qualifications from major manufacturers. We offer comprehensive restoration for all components, including advanced control systems.
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Having a strong relationship with some of the biggest sights in the UAE , Trustworthy companionship alongside Dubai Eskan Project


Achievements we’ve done throughout the years , with History over 65+ Years of experience in the UAE .


Using Non-Standards technologies to outperform the competition and stand out among the crowds, high level of Customization with 33 Billion+ variations .

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