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Passenger Elevators

Our Machine Room Elevator is a passenger elevator that is sustainable which consumes the least amount of power in order to contribute in decreasing our overall carbon footprint.

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Our machine room less elevators miniaturize the equipment of machine room as far as possible while maintaining the original performance and creating more space for design to take place.

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Machine Room Elevator

Machine Room Less Elevator

Panoramic Elevators

The presence of glass in panoramic lifts whether it’s on one side or all the sides, sets a luminous spacious and comfortable setting.

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Our panoramic lifts with a machine room is as stylish as it is secure.

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These lifts are installed to compliment and elevate the interior‘s fit out.

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Our Aluminum Structure Machine Room Less Panoramic Elevator portrays modernization, a look to the future escorted with elegance and luxury..

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Panoramic Lift Machine Roomless

Panoramic Lift Machine Room

Hydraulic Panoramic Elevator

Panoramic Elevator – Aluminum Structure

Home Elevator

Our Home Lift is energy efficient and offers a higher speed than your conventional hydraulic pump system while maintaining the luxuries of comfort and smoothness the latter has to offer.

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Our Hydraulic Home Elevator is supplied with GMV Italy hydraulic pump system which is considered to be the number one hydraulic pump system in the world

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Home Lift Traction

Home Elevator Hydraulic

Hospital Elevators

Our Machine Room Less Elevators are also sustainable, we offer many varieties of spacious elevators that can tend to everyone’s needs.

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Our Passenger Machine Room Elevator that expresses the reliability and flexibility of the lift system especially suitable for a hospital..

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Hospital Lift Machine Room Less

Hospital Elevator Machine Room

Platform Elevators

Have you seen those Instagram videos where a car ascends out of the ground? That’s exactly what our Car Platform Lift does.

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Our CARGO freight hydraulic lift is perfect for high capacity applications and the transportation of heavy load.

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Car Hydraulic Platform Lift

Cargo Lift

Industrial Elevators

Our industrial hydraulic lift is top of the line as it is both time and energy efficient and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Our CARGO freight hydraulic lift is perfect for high capacity applications and the transportation of heavy load.

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Industrial Hydraulic Lift

Cargo Lift

Other Products

The transportation of people of determination from one level to another has been made easier due to our People of Determination Platform Lift that can be installed anywhere.

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Dumbwaiters are small freight elevators or lifts that allow the prompt and convenient transportation of food and beverage. It greatly saves time and labor resources.

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Lift mart has installed the largest Car Lifts in the UAE. It was custom made to host the Rolls Royce Phantom.

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Our Escalators provide a smooth and comfortable ascend, as well descend.

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Wheelchair Elevators


Car Elevator


Our travelators will leave you wanting to continue using them due to the smooth travel our belts provide that can transport the passengers comfortably..

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