While you may be accustomed to how important regular home lift maintenance is, you are left discerning just how regular is regular? A few different factors come into play when it comes to how regularly you should get your home lift serviced. These factors include things like:

Home Lift Type: Since there are different models to choose from, home lift maintenance and repair costs vary. Some home lifts may have parts that are pricier more to replace than others, so check with the company you bought your home lift from for specifics.

Home Lift Company Contract: Many home lift companies offer various maintenance agreements so you can find one that works best for you. The contract should clearly state how much maintenance you’re entitled to and for how long so there are no surprises.

Location: Elevator regulations vary from emirates to emirates. Some emirates might require more frequent inspections than others as well as additional fees or permits, so location might also have a say when it comes to maintenance frequency.

However, as a general rule, you should have your home lift serviced at least once a year. Annual maintenance ensures optimal home lift performance, whereas a home lift that may not have been serviced for years might operate more slowly, for example.



Keeping your home lift in the finest condition comes at a cost yet a much lower one than the price of a serious repair or even replacement as a result of not keeping up with maintenance. Plus, you can’t put a price tag on the benefits of a home lift. For something that adds convenience, lodges aging inhabitants and pets, safe passages to those with mobility issues and adds value to your home, maintenance comes at a small cost. So, just how much does it cost to maintain a home lift?

Although prices vary, home lift maintenance costs homeowners a couple of thousand in dirhams. With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can avoid dropping much more on a major emergency fix, which could potentially exceed 4000 AED. Sometimes you might end up spending a little more on repairs if you have a larger home lift with a more complicated drive system, for example, as more moving parts could potentially break down if you aren’t getting regular maintenance. Just like your home lift, your agreement and where you live can affect how often you need maintenance, these factors can impact the costs associated with maintenance, too. However, upkeep costs are an easy trade-off for the peace of mind associated with a home lift. Plus, it’s much more affordable than replacing a home lift altogether, which could cost around 90,000 AED.



Home Lifts are an excellent investment that can improve everyone’s quality of living. Make the most of your investment by constant maintenance. At Lift Mart, our trained service technicians install and service all of our hydraulic and traction home lifts. Even after your warranty expires, you can rely on one of Lift Mart’s elevator maintenance plan options to protect your investment and for some added peace of mind.