Elevator Company in Dubai: How to choose Maintenance and Contract correctly

Maintenance of an Elevator is a critical task for the owner of a building or its manager to make sure of the resident’s safety including employees and visitors. It is essential for the elevators/lifts to be serviced by competent professionals. There are various options for this.

A lot of elevators use complicated proprietary software which requires specialized tools, making it so that only the manufacturer can perform maintenance. In such cases, you will most likely have to pay a premium for maintenance services. However, parts should be able to acquire quickly and downtime for repairs are minimized.

Some elevator manufacturers maintain elevators that are manufactured by other companies. Their service contracts are usually comparable to the contracts offered by the company that manufactured the elevator. You may be able to get a much better price or even get a discount if the company maintains elevators at multiple properties.

Another option is hiring an independent elevator maintenance company. Independent companies most of the time charge less for their services than the manufacturers. Research into a company’s level of technical expertise and ability to obtain spare parts quickly.
Some of the large facilities such as hospitals and universities, maintain their own elevators. Should you consider this option, give a thought about the availability of skilled, licensed labor and the ability to handle major repairs.

Elevator Maintenance Contract Prices

Usually, you will pay a few hundred dollars per year for an elevator maintenance contract, an investment that can definitely be well worth it. You can choose from various contract types, which differ in terms of the amount of financial responsibility the owner of the property assumes. The higher risk you assume, the lower the cost will be.



Having a full maintenance contract means an elevator service company decides how and when to service the elevator then assumes total responsibility for its functions. The type of this contract can be compared to an insurance policy for the building owner. It gives the owner the ability to budget elevator repair costs and eliminates concerns about major repairs.

How Much Does Lift Maintenance Cost?

Maintenance cost of home elevators are typically between 3,000~4000 UAE Dirhams depending on the terms stated in the contract. Maintenance contract cost without parts and is usually lower, but it does not cover a lot of specific items, such as elevator machines, motor-generator sets, controllers, and cables. The contract should state clearly the work that is covered, parts supplied, and how frequent inspections and trouble calls to be answered. POG (Parts, Oil & Grease) contracts have costs that are less per month than full elevator maintenance contract prices, however, they provide less coverage.

An examination and lubrication or oil and grease contract cover lubrication of moving parts and minor adjustments on a regular basis. Should other services become needed, the maintenance company makes a notification and sends it to the building owner, who is responsible for the cost of the repairs. The price of an OG contract is on the low side, but if major repairs are needed, it can cost a lot more than other types of service agreements.


At LiftMart we assure our clients that we offer their money’s worth, along with our years of experience we are sure that your contract should be well met.