Over our 60+ years in the lift industry, we overcame many engineering challenges with cutting-edge technology. We continuously brought new and innovative technologies to our clients, giving us the ability to create the impossible.

Typically, lifts require a shaft space of at least 1500 mm, but at Lift Mart, we can work with any given shaft size, pit, or overhead space available. That means, even with a significantly low pit, or minimal space in overhead, we are able to install lifts no matter what. 

We are capable of customizing our product from the engineering perspective, whilst remaining true to the EN81 code (universal code for Elevator standard and safety requirements). 


We also offer many safety features. We guarantee years of safety on our elevators, even with unique, customized lifts that are created beyond the standard. One of our technologies is the foldable buffer. This allows us to use the most minimum amount of pit depth in our shafts.