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Hospital Elevator

Lift Mart designs, manufactures, installs, modernises, and maintains, elevators, bed elevators, patient trolley elevators, and goods elevators to make it easier to transport patients, medical equipment, food trolleys, etc.

Elevators, bed elevators, and trolley elevators designed by Lift Mart for hospitals offer all car sizes as well as supports and finishes to ensure the most hygienic conditions for patients and better usability and comfort for visitors, doctors, and other professionals.

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Our Machine Room Less Elevators are also sustainable, we offer many varieties of spacious elevators that can tend to everyone’s needs.

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LM-SMR is a Passenger Machine Room Elevator that expresses the reliability and flexibility of the lift system especially suitable for a hospital and fulfills genuine environmental protection and energy-saving advantages.

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Hospital Lift Machine Room Less

Hospital Elevator Machine Room