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The First Elevator Boutique in the UAE – Lift Mart

by: Ibrahim Semaan
August 11, 2020

Opening First Elevator Boutique Soon

We are in the process of setting up the UAE’s first elevator boutique. The purpose of this showroom is to provide clients with the opportunity to become familiar with our products in person. Clients will be exclusively invited to view displays of fully-built lifts, as well as other Lift Mart products.

We will be exhibiting our 2 elevator brands: the luxurious Italy home lift and the highly customizable Lift Mart lifts for standard buildings, villas, and towers.

Fully built elevators will be available for clients to experience the end-product, as well as interact with the lift by testing the buttons, seeing the LED screen qualities, etc. 

At our boutique, we will also be displaying our wide range of stainless steel, which includes over 2500 finishes, colors, etches, and designs. We understand that clients are curious about elevators and sometimes need the support of a live simulation to answer their questions. 

This is why a showroom is an important tool for us to help clients become familiar with our products, and the level of quality we promise along with it.